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Work In Progress

My own blog – WIP

Finally, I have my own blog [my domain]. It has been a long journey for me 2004 – First website @ Yahoo geocities [ sadly geocities was discontiued] 2009 – Blog [] 2016...

Helping Hand

A quote

A quote for thought. It’s always easier to help others than oneself.

Couldnt sleep

Couldn’t sleep. Didn’t feel like doing anything much. So somehow I ended up sort of renovating my whole blog. ^_^ But gonna turn in now though. G’night

Randomness at its best

If I asked you to guess what this is, you might say it was abstract art by some artist. It just Randomness at its best.   But the truth is this was created by...

Android app

I downloaded the WordPress app today. Its easier for me to use this on my tab than to switch on my laptop and go to all the trouble to go to the site. And...

Poster’s block

I think I have been struck with a case of poster’s block. I am in a confused state of what to do or write….

Fire 'n' Ice

1 Year to go – Fire ‘n’ Ice

Will the world really end a year from now? Honestly I really don’t care… if we have to die then lets…Am getting too tired of life. Fire and Ice BY┬áROBERT FROST Some say...