Infinite loop – NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 11

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Life seems the same everyday, a morning and a night,
Filled with all sorts, of trouble and insight.
Oh! If only the days, were calm and peaceful,
How wonderful life might have been, a paradise indeed.
In the end, it all comes down to Jerry ofcourse,
The menace who lived to irritate me by choice.

I wonder if my life is a TV show.

Never a day goes by, without some torment from him.
Equal blame lies with me, for I set up as much as traps as him,
Yet, I am getting too old for this, to get hit and to be kicked,
And to have unimaginable things happen to me, and be tricked.
And yet, I wonder how I wake up, all healed up the next day?
A miracle for sure? Perchaps it is magic?
The more the days go by, the more they stay the same,
Is it like this for everyone I wonder.

I wonder if my life is a TV show.

I still don’t know why we fight all the while,
Surely it is not difficult to co-exist and not be hostile.
But still with all the trouble that Jerry makes,
Bland and empty life will be without him.
Though every day seems the same, I would leave it exactly unchanged.
I do get healed from wounds, mysteriously enough after all.

I wonder if my life is a TV show.


NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 11

Today’s prompt

here’s our (optional) prompt for the day: the Bop. The invention of poet Afaa Michael Weaver, the Bop is a kind of combination sonnet + song. Like a Shakespearan sonnet, it introduces, discusses, and then solves (or fails to solve) a problem. Like a song, it relies on refrains and repetition. In the basic Bop poem, a six-line stanza introduces the problem, and is followed by a one-line refrain. The next, eight-line stanza discusses and develops the problem, and is again followed by the one-line refrain. Then, another six-line stanza resolves or concludes the problem, and is again followed by the refrain. Here’s an example of a Bop poem written by Weaver, and here’s another by the poet Ravi Shankar.

It is not exactly a Bop. Is it more like a free verse Bop?  I don’t know. Just something which came to my mind after one of my colleagues suggested to write about the problems faced by a cartoon character [Thankyou Raghavendra!]

Didn’t think I could do it actually. Then Tom and Jerry inserted themselves into my mind and didn’t allow me to write anything else.

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