Into the vast beyond

Crochet Rose

Finally… Yes it is complete, a crochet Rose. The thing is I had to frog my rose first. I didn’t sew the petals very well in my first try. It looked awful to tell...


Rose on its way

I have finished the petals completely. Now I need to roll it up. That does take some time to get it exactly right. Then the stem… I found another method of rose making here...

Thats it..

Well I think that’s all the current tinkering I’ll be having with this blog of mine. Anyway currently I am making a Rose for my friend. Her Birthday is on 2nd Oct. Making the...

First Post

Hi. This is my first post.. I’ll try to update all my yarn activities in the coming future soon.

Hello World

Hello world!

All the computer programming languages.. begins with a program of Hello World! Why is that? I have always wondered.