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Vacation time

Yeah Vaction is here… would like to work on this Hovercraft Project thingy.. Hopefully will get something done atleast ..yeah right hopefully I know this is not a Hovercraft… Its a smiley face which...

At College

Hi I am in college.. I got fever for a week in b/w and lost 1 kilo.. now I am ok. Exams are over . I made a bottle cover.. thats it for now.

Bye for now !

I can’t beleive I am leaving already.. Well. .. I am hoping that there is an internet cafe at the college campus.. Bye.. *sigh*

Going to College

I need to add 2 ears more.. before I go find synthetic cotton to fill this Pillow/Toy. I am leaving on this Sunday so It won’t be completed within this time. Therefore.. I thought...

Pitman Shorthand

I found my mother’s shorthand textbook a few days back. And I am impressed. I want to learn too. It would it it hard for other people to decipher my notes too. It would...

First Post

Hi. This is my first post.. I’ll try to update all my yarn activities in the coming future soon.

Hello World

Hello world!

All the computer programming languages.. begins with a program of Hello World! Why is that? I have always wondered.