Meditation vs Occlumency

From a long time, I have been obsessed with meditation. I keep reading through different websites and books. But I rarely practice it, despite knowing all its benefits.

Reading Harry Potter series and all multitude of fan-fictions it has generated made me compare Occlumency and meditation.


“An obscure branch of magic, but a highly useful one.”
Severus Snape (OP24)

Occlumency is a type of mind magic which keeps the mind closed from external intrusions. It tries to point the intruder away from the important stuff in the mind which must be protected and hidden. It involves clearing the mind of thoughts and emotions. We get to know more about Occlumency in the Order of the Phoenix. But I got to know a lot more from various fan-fictions which I have read. Most notable being, ‘A Year Like None Other’ by Aspeninthesunlight and Phoenix Song by grangerous. Most of the fan-fiction authors would have acquired the facts for this from research of meditation. This made me read more fan-fiction to get similar facts. It is a sort of like an obsession.


Meditation can be done to keep external disturbances at bay, but not in the manner of occlumency. It supposedly increases concentration, sharpens the senses. Mostly it helps us achieve a type of inner peace. Some people say you reach a higher place the more you meditate. I am not really sure what actually happens since I have not experienced a lot of it. But inner peace sounds like a good enough incentive to actually meditate.

So its all the same and yet its different.

I found this link useful, so just wanted to save it somewhere.

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    gud work my dear vin 🙂
    keep going the same way yaar…

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