Your life is your own

Your life is your own
It’s surreal how we tend to think of opposites when we deal with anything. When you reach somewhere early, you are glad that you are not late. When you eat bad food you thing of all the times you ate good food. And when you see death you think of life.
This was a pattern I started noticing recently, our focus on the opposite of the things we are going through. The more I started to notice, I realised that it is not only opposite, our attention is focussed on something. It is never on what is going on but almost always on the past or the future.
Let me take a diversion here, my intention was to write something else but the above came out. Again an example of focus shifting without us being aware.
Similar to how our focus is never on the present, when it comes to life we never focus on ourselves instead we end up focussing on others or things. For some people would be their job, for others it could be their parents, spouses, friends and the list goes on. Now this is perfectly fine as long as you chose it to be so!
More often than not, we get pulled into a blackhole without being aware of it. Our life gets stripped away of its very essence with each revolution. And the worst part, we remain unaware. Take the case of a person working in the same place, for years upon years. After a point of time they don’t know whats going on anymore. Life becomes a cycle of wakeup – eat – office – eat – sleep. And a constant eager anticipation for the weekend, which is over before it even begins.

In a lot of other cases life will take on a dementor (apologies for the HP reference) like quality and focus turns on to the people around us. It might be one or few.  Live for them, do everything only for them, not caring if your body is fine or not.

This kind of an interest is unhealthy. I know there will be people who disagree with me on this, saying that parent live for their kids and I am undermining their love. I am not refuting that at all. All I am saying is it should be your choice.  

Voluntarily deciding to spend ones life for someone or something else is different. Choosing ones life purpose to be about something or someone they love makes a difference. Take some time now to think if you are living your life or if someone else is living your life through you.   Your life should not become anything other than yours unless you choose it to be so.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

Dumbledore – HP Series – J.K.Rowling

  If you are living for something or someone, think if it or they are worth it. If you feel it is, Go for it! And if you are not living your life, well it is time to wake up.

Your life is your own, OWN IT!

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