Life is short

For most of us, Death is something abstract. It is something we encounter everyday when we listen or read the news. It is always a silent presence in life. But we don’t realise the impact it has on us till we encounter it personally in some form or other.

More often than not we tend to forget that when we are born, we literally have an hourglass with our name on it. With the sand trickling down. We are always focussed on what is outside of the hourglass, that we do not admire the fine granularity and beauty of the sand grains.

For me the personal impact happened when my aunt passed away few days back. This is the second death in the family over the past 4 month period. Only when the shadow of death falls on life do we realise its presence.

Knowing that death is what awaits us in the end, we still focus on those aspects which does not bring any value or quality to life. In our busy rush of checking off things to be done in life, we are forgetting that we are losing precious seconds. Seconds which can be enjoyed admiring the smell of rain on dry soil, breeze on your hair, melodious music from a song long forgotten.

And again in this busy rush, we spend time worrying about things which were in the past and about the things yet to come. We end up worrying about a tomorrow which we may not live to see, arguing with friends and family who may not be there tomorrow.

I know this feeling or awareness of mine is not going to last long. If the normal flow of life holds true, I am sure inertia will pull me back and I will get back to my constant focus on worry.

At the moment though my thoughts are all revolving around how precious life is, and how we do nothing to improve it. Neither our life nor those of others.

I think that instead of enjoying all that we have, we end up focussing only on those things which seem to go wrong. It is like we strive to find that one person in life who can push all our buttons, that one person who is going to make our life a hell, find that exact one job we hate, or even find that exact one place which always irritates us. There are a thousand other things in life for us to focus on, yet this is what we choose to see.

For example, am sitting at the railway station now waiting for my train. I have really bad network here, I can get irritated and pissed off at that and grumble. Or I can choose to spend that time to draft out this post so that I can post it when I have good internet. Shouldn’t I be happy I got some time to spend writing this out instead of focussing on the bad network?

It is these kinds of things which I struggle with, and I am sure a lot of other people might share the same issue. The problem is we realise it and then promptly forget about it the next time something irritating happens.

We all have the choice to live life in anyway we see fit. In the end, it is this choice which makes or breaks us.

I realise I am rambling a bit, there is so much I want to type but it’s all messed up at the moment.

But all I wanted to say is

Life is short, in the mad rush through it don’t lose yourself.

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