Find yourself

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Scattered around, on the floors and steps,
Splinters and broken twigs.
Of lost regards and hearts gone numb,
Thoughts of a time gone by,
Of moments frozen still.

A slow breeze stirs out,
With gentle mien amongst the leaves.
With each whirl, it sweeps them away,
Into a harsh gale aloft.

Petrichor arises from the dying grass,
A downpour to come,
In fits and starts, it begins,
Shrouding everything in dark.

With intense pain, it arrives,
A ground sodden… permeated with cold,
Numbing chillness in the air,
Reminding one of the hard fortunes of old.

Amidst shivering, it emerges,
A soothing warmth so bold.
Along with a silent song from yonder,
Starts the heart from its stronghold.

Lasting many a night the rain persists
Caressing dry earth, healing cracks within.
Filling the holes with water,
Making the scars close thin.

Breath catches with each splatter,
The lungs clogged up.
Sharply water surges abound,
Sweeping the twigs away.

When it dawns, the clouds scatter
The pieces lost, may-chance forever.
Leaving, perfectly imperfect pools of water.
Reflecting the sunrise of a tomorrow.

Brilliant hues of red and yellow
Causing shades of unimaginable depths.
The chirping of birds revives,
With a sweet melody unheard.

Born anew a dream,
Of a new day and forevermore,
With new mistakes and friendships untold,
Of cherished love and evermore.

All that is left now is just this,
Close your eyes and lose yourself,
For this is the only way ahead,
For you to be found by yourself.

I haven’t participated in this year’s NaPoWriMo since I am really struggling to manage all the loads. Maybe next year. But for now a poem I wrote last month one night when everything seemed dire and lost. I took the time to refine and post it today.

Also, I know, I told that I would be more active.. and I have been going back on my word… But I am trying to juggle everything. Hopefully, I will find a balance soon…

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