My try @ writing romantic

Back in my final year, one of my classmates girlfriend was leaving college for work. He had got her some gift. But to make it personal he wanted some sort of poetry written along with it. Till then I have never tried my hand at writing any sort of poem which has a romantic touch to it. So I decided to try.

After I wrote it I realized that I feel better writing melancholic poetry than romantic ones. Anyway here’s what I came up with that day.

Just want you to know

Love is mysterious, it has a life of its own.
Love lures you to unknown pastures,
Untrodden grounds, un-ventured paths,
Love once and changed you are.

Days cease to be days,
Nights even more so.
Sleepless nights and dream-filled days,
They take over your life.

I was unaware of what I missed,
Till I met you.
You took over my life and from,
Hence tis not the same.

When my lips curl into a smile unbidden,
Know this, you fill my thoughts,
My heart and my life…
Everyday feels cheerful with you in it.

You are you.
Nothing can describe what you mean to me.
With you by my side,
I feel joyous, safe and content.
You make my life complete.

At this moment of time,
I just want you to know,
No matter how many miles separates us,
You my dear will be in my heart.

I will miss you, be sure of that,
Yet I do know this that
Memories of you will help me
Cross this short chasm of time and distance.

© 24th Jan 2014 [1am to 2am :P]


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