Scars never heal, the fade – NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 2

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Scars never heal, they fade

Scars do heal with time.. they say,
But do they?

Broken memories of a time gone by,
Each remainder brings back the shards.
Splitting up and piercing,
Twisting with each breath you take.

Suffocation in this endless space,
Building upon itself on and on,
Of infinite thoughts without respite.
Like hail, life comes crashing down.

Hope seems lost and all is in vain,
When all your dreams are sacrificed,
The shards are pushed and twisted in so deep,
And the agony is just another discomfort to be borne.

When all seems lost, down comes the rain,
Bringing with it further pain,
The mind cries out in fear,
And ignites the nerves with fire.

A lone flame arises, to bring new sorrow,
or perchance even joy, I know not…
And now, those scars have faded by.
But the new ones? time can only say.


NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 2

I didn’t go by the prompt today. Phrases of this have been lying in my mind for awhile now. Today just felt like the day to dig it out.

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