Work In Progress

My own blog – WIP

Finally, I have my own blog [my domain]. It has been a long journey for me 2004 – First website @ Yahoo geocities [ sadly geocities was discontiued] 2009 – Blog [] 2016...

My try @ writing romantic

Back in my final year, one of my classmates girlfriend was leaving college for work. He had got her some gift. But to make it personal he wanted some sort of poetry written along...


Potluck Lunch @ my office

Potluck We had a Pot’luck’ lunch in our office last week. When I mentioned it to few of my friends and relatives, they were curious as to why it was named ‘POTLUCK’. Did we...


KINDLE – Why I love it

I bought the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite few months back. And what else can I say except that its awesomeness all wrapped up. Buying a kindle has been one of my dreams. From 2007...

Some days

Some days

“Some days I make it through and then there’re nights that never end” – Just want you to know [Backstreet Boys]

Light 'n' Dark

Light & Dark

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ~ Terry Pratchett


Nonlinear life

“Most of everyday life is nonlinear, and the principle of superposition fails spectacularly. If you listen to your two favourite songs at the same time, you won’t get double the pleasure!” ~ Nonlinear dynamics...