Sadhana – Rabindranath Tagore

I found Sadhana by Tagore in the book heap and thought to read it. One can clearly see how old it is. It is a 1972 publication. It belonged to a senior friend of my father. He left all his books at our house for safe keeping. He died a few years back. No one came to collect the books, So I took what I wanted from it. The rest will go to some old book store.



It’s a really good one. Not fiction. I don’t know whether everyone will like it. It is kind of philosophical. Sadhana means (according to

A key form of tantric meditation through which a practitioner aims to achieve union or identity with a particular divine being through a process of visualization and subsequent dissolution of subject and object into emptiness (śūnyatā).

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It has food for thought as they say. It makes one realize that hardships and pain of life is but for a small time. One must always look at the big picture of life and not at the portions of it which brings us pain.

It has 8 chapters each one deals with things like

I. The Relation of the Individual to the Universe
II: Soul Consciousness
III: The Problem of Evil
IV: The Problem of Self
V: Realisation in Love
VI: Realisation in Action
VII: The Realisation of Beauty
VIII: The Realisation of the Infinite

It can also be read online it seems here is a link ->

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