Crocheted Wire bag

This was not done by me. I found this in my aunts house. It was simply superb. My mother says that people used to make bags and things with wire like things.



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4 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Shit shit shot how dare u like a bag with. NASTY SWASTICA all over it. Shane on u

    • Vin says:

      First of all, it is ‘Swastika’ not ‘Swastica’.

      Secondly please understand that ‘Swastika’ is not just related to Hitler and World War II. Long before that, it was used as a symbol of auspiciousness in many cultures. This continues to be so in my culture as well. For us, Swastika is a symbol of well being. It is painted or printed in a lot of designs and is even part of many old religious architectures.

      If in case you doubt my claim, here are a few links you can refer to.


      I do not support Hitler or any Nazi ideology. I did not make any such claims in my post about the bag.
      And hence I will not feel any “SHANE” (as you said) for liking this bag.

  2. Appu says:

    Hi! I love your crocheted wire bag. Where do you purchase the materials for it? And where did you get the pattern from please may I know?


    • Vinlite says:

      Hi, thankyou. My aunt did it actually. Generally in Tamil Nadu you get the wire for it, since a lot of people used to make it. Crochet hook can be obtained from any craft store. As for pattern, I would suggest trying any normal crochet pattern but using the wire instead. has a wealth of patterns.

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