Bear Pillow – 5 – The Ear

I did not like most of the bear ear patterns I saw so I made it up myself here it is.

This ear is a bit small it suits a cat more So I am going to inc the sts to get a bigger ear..

Ear 1

ch 15 wi brown and join with cream and ch 10 sl st with 1st ch of brown ch1 sc in ea of the prev cream ch’s (making 10 cream sc’s).

sl st cream to brown and sc brown in ea of st (15 st’s)

R2 – wi Brown ch1 and sc in rest till cream is enctd. change colour wi cream by taking a cream lp into brown lp and sc in the cream ( 11 cream sts as of now) wi Cream sl st into the ch1 whch acted to turn the brown row prev ,

R3 – *sc 2 and then sc the nxt st tog* ( 8 cream sts) join brown and then *sc 3 and then sc tog* ( 13 brown sts) , sl st to the turning cream ch in prev row.

R4 – ch1, *sc 3 and then sc tog* ( twice) and then sc in rest 2 sts, ( 10 sts), join to cream and *sc 2 and then sc the nxt st tog* wi cream (7 sts)

R5 – *sc 2 and then sc the nxt st tog*( 6 cream sts) , join to brown and *sc 3 and then sc tog* ( 8 brown sts) join wi sl st to cream.

R6 – sc 3 & then sc tog, sc 2 then sc nxt tog ( 7 brown sts), join cream and sc 2 & then sc tog, sc in nxt & then in nxt sc tog( 5 cream sts), join with brown.

R7 – ch1 , *sc in 1, sc nxt tog*( 4 sts) join to brown. sc in 1, sc nxt tog, sc in 1 , sc nxt tog, sc in 1 ( 5 sts)

R8 – sl st to cream and sl st cream and brown sts tog ( 4 sts excluding join) cut and finish off. then turn the work inside out.

Bear Ear



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  1. vidya says:

    dear…i wud love to c a pic of the project…..
    do post it…..
    pls cm n visit my blog too wen u get time…wud love to hv u tre 🙂


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