Crochet Flower Embellishment


Crochet Flower Embellishment

I picked up my hooks and yarn again after 15 months. There was no specific reason for not crocheting. Just something seemed off and I just couldn’t do it. Procrastination is the main culprit. But still…

Anyway, I made this for a friend of mine, just as an add-on of course 😀 . It is on its way via Speedpost to her place now.

Since I haven’t crocheted in so long, I was a bit concerned if I still remember the stitches and methods. But apparently, muscle memory is awesome. I remembered how to read the patterns by default. And the stitches just worked out by themselves, without any need for me to see how to make a specific stitch.

Crochet Flower Embellishment:-

Pattern available @ Ravelry: Small Crochet Flower by Alison Murray 66

Hook: 2.0mm [2.5mm might also work with this specific yarn]

Yarn: Anchor Knitting Cotton – Cyan  and Maroon [quantity used per flower is very less]

Note: Since this is just a single flower, it can be used as an embellishment for any kind of clothing, bags or ornament.

The pattern calls for ch’s to be joined to form a circle. I usually go for a magic circle approach, but I stuck to the pattern here. If you are comfortable with magic circles, I would suggest going ahead with that.

I sort of messed up a bit by skipping few stitches by mistake, so had to re-do it. I always tend to do this if my attention is on more than a single thing. But I find it really difficult not to multi-task, so nothing to be done. 🙁

If you are a beginner who has just started trying out simple patterns, then don’t ever stop because your work looks horrible halfway through.

90% of the time, it will look way better at the end. The midway process stretches the stitches more on one side since you are still in working it in. And this will make you think that there is no point in doing this anymore. Talking from experience here…

This is pretty much a very easy pattern to try out. If you find triple crochet [tr] and half triple crochet [htr] difficult, you can always switch it with double crochet[dc] and half double crochet[hdc]. The end result will be a bit smaller, but still workable 🙂

If not for the mistakes I kept making by skipping chains, I would have finished this a lot quicker. I think making one of this won’t take more than 20 mins if you are a past the beginner stage that is.

Well, let me know if anyone needs more information about anything I have mentioned in this post.

^_^ Do you crochet? If you do are you on Ravelry? If you are not into crochet, then I will suggest trying it out, Can really increase your patience levels 😛

Note: This page is not a clue.

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