Crochet Rose

Finally… Yes it is complete, a crochet Rose.

The thing is I had to frog my rose first. I didn’t sew the petals very well in my first try. It looked awful to tell the truth. So I had to redo it….




Rose frogged

Then I followed the pattern which I had given in the last post.( It can be found here ) I followed this and got something too big. It was a Rose yes But I wanted something smaller. So I counted the stitches and re-did the whole thing. And I successfully rolled and sewed it up.. Yay me..

The Stem took a while. I hdc’ed 3 rows for desired length and width and I slip-stitched the ends with a refill in b/w. I followed the leaf pattern as given in the pattern but I reduced the stitches to get smaller leaves.. Will post pictures soon.

Rose unfurled

Crochet Rose


Tomorrow is her Birthday now all I need to do is wrap it up. Oh and the thing is I kept the finished rose in a box which contained rose scented incense. Now it smells nice too.
Crochet Rose
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