Hard disk cover

Hard disk cover

I bought a new 1 TB hard disk (Seagate Backup plus). So I thought of making a cover for it. Inspiration struck when I saw a bubble wrap. Why not make a cover which imitates that. It will protect the hard disk from sudden falls too (at least I hope it will) . In short the perfect hard disk cover. Anyway, it won’t slip from my hand that much I am sure. The colour is lighter than how it is in the photograph.

Pattern References:-

Hook : 3.0 mm

Yarn: Laura knitting cotton [Lilac shade of Violet]

Yarn purchased @: Pony Craft Store Online

Stitch reference: Popcorn Stitch

How I made it

The pattern is quite simple. Make a foundation chain to the approximate width of the hard disk. Then work in round with sc for a row. Then start off with popcorn stitch.

I followed that row off with a row of dc, and then alternated with popcorn stitch with hdc substituted for the sc given in the pattern from the link above.

Hard disk cover

Finally, once you reach the desired length decrease the stitch as you go on to get a tapered flap. Following this, you can stitch in a velcro to close it. Refer the picture above for positioning of the velcro pieces.


When working with velcro, cut the piece with the rougher side smaller than the piece which is smooth. Also, stitch in the smoother piece on the flap. This is because if the smoother piece is larger, there is less chance for the rougher piece to snag the yarn and ruin your work.

Hard disk cover

Try it out and let me know how it works for you. You can use the popcorn stitch in a number of projects involving covers. It will protect the device from falls to a certain extent.


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