Keep Goin…

This feeling…something
a mist. A fog….maybe darkness…

Binding in its chains
Too difficult to break
Deep within, it is emotions that is seen
Bound in this frozen chains of darkness

Is this what is wanted?
Is this what is needed?
It all just flees
Losing memory….losing sense
It hurts to breathe
Oh! it hurts even to blink
And yet must move on
Struggling against the chain that binds
Struggling to break it…to fight it

A mere memory..
A lonely place… a misty ground
Trees all around, no one in sight
Running away, turning around,
Being chased…feeling it all.

Turn around, showing fear
Standing still, fight it
No more… no more…
It has gone on for too long
Be afraid another day
Fight, today… break the chains
Grab the sword…
Run… slash the darkness…
Lose the fear.
Slam the emotions down.
Don’t let it win.

Let tomorrow fight tomorrow
Win for today, it is yours…
Don’t lose it.
Keep goin….

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