Fingerless Gloves

Crochet Fingerless gloves made for my colleague. Other than mobile phone covers, this is the crochet product which I have made the most. And most often its difficult to get the perfect fit. But Nako Comfort Stretch is quite stretchable. And it feels soft & comfortable. Once you get a feel of the yarn, you’ll realize why cats are often depicted playing with yarn. It is so soft.

The pattern is also quite simple once you get to know the  hhdc[herringbone half double crochet] stitch. It just spirals out. I suggest using stitch markers every few rows so that its easy to get a count.

Since my colleague has long hands, so I modified the pattern a bit to get the fit right. I also increased the arm length since she preferred so.

Yarn: Nako Comfort Stretch

Pattern: Firecracker Gloves

Purchased @: Pony Craft Store Online


Bhavana gloves (4)

Bhavana gloves (7)

Bhavana gloves (3)

Bhavana gloves (1)

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  1. bhavana says:

    🙂 its soo good. thanks vin

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