Simple Table Coasters

Time and time again I wanted to make this post. I kept postponing it. I know this is not complete yet. I know I wanted to make a more detailed post, but I think at this point in time.. Posting is better than being idle (Not that am sitting here twiddling my thumbs.. but life just got really busy and I am trying to cope up with everything)

And who knows maybe I will come back and update more text with the images… or maybe I won’t. But this will stop being something on my todo list for the part 10 months at least.

Pattern available @ Ravelry: Simple Flower Coasters by Danyel Pink

Hook: 3.5mm

Yarn: Ganga Smarty – Indian Ice Batik (Available at Pradhan Embroidery Stores)

This is a very easy pattern to follow. You can finish it up within a day. The variegated yarn can give surprising effects to the final product. you can also do a few rows in one colour and a few rows in another.

Below are the snaps from when I made it.



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