What ‘Last Day on Earth (LDOE)’ taught me

Last day on earth a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by Kefir, where your main focus is to stay live in a world that has seen a zombie apocalypse. The outbreak incidentally caused by a virus, left 80% of the human population either dead or undead. And another 10% was lost to the skirmishes for the remaining resources…..

Well, am not here today to lecture you on the awesomeness of LDOE and how we might be living a live-action version in the near future.

Even though you might spend your blood and sweat in acquiring material things, it can be snatched away from you in a single moment.

You never truly own anything in your life; not your house, car or people. People pass through your life like a passing cloud and they might betray you in an instance of a second and the things that you acquire will at the most come with you until your death. Truly coming to terms with this made me take a moment to pause on life. I realized that not to lose myself in this race to accumulate things and people in my life. While both of them aren’t fundamentally wrong, losing myself in their pursuit will definitely lead me to miss out on life’s experiences.


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    I would like to welcome ‘Random Author-kun’ to this blog. We look forward to seeing more of your thoughts and interests.

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