Listless ‘n’ lost

When lost and bereft of thoughts,
When nothing makes an impact.
When all seems naught and invain
The slow buildup kills us,
One cell at a time, torturous.


Why does it even matter,
In the grand scale of things,
What are we but insignificant,
Everything and nothing
Mutually exclusive and yet encompassing all.


At the end what does matter?
It is after all like,
Dust on a windless day,
Drifting on endlessly,
And perchance even lost.


Take a deep breath and then another,
Focus and focus, on what really matters.
Listen to that murmur, deep within the heart,
Shrouded in disguise by every stress in the world.


Awaiting a few seconds for you listen
And then..and then
Just follow your heart…your desires,
For your treasure lies there
And when you are there
You realise that it was indeed nothing.


Nothing that others wanted,
But all that you ever wanted.


Throwback to January 2018, I had written this prior to Lines to Zen. I was cleaning up my Evernote when I saw this as a drafted note. On thinking, I realised that it was still valid today for me. So I ended up cleaning it up a bit and here we are.
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