Beacon Light

Beacon LIght

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Beacon Light

Wish I was there again,
Away from this place of pain.
On the slippery slope I am,
Trying to find a foot hold so firm.

Oh, grab hold of that vine,
As the stones roll away underneath me.
The sand keeps blowing into my eyes,
Blocking visions of heavenly sights.

This dark realm fraught with dreadful sights.
Of shadows abound and demons a flight.
Ready to swoop in and push over the precipice,
Far away, down into the long dark night.

Oh! But do look up and see the light,
Long and far away, blinking at you with golden sight.
Focus, just keep focus in this ere last mile,
Disappear it might, but just for awhile.

Keep it in sight, that beacon light.
Beckoning you, yonder bright.
Where peaceful sleep awaits,
A balm for weary limbs.

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