Musical trance

Musical Trance

Image Courtesy: geralt

Influenced by Porcupine Tree and Coldplay 🙂

Musical Trance

Ears caressed by earphones,
In this dark and dreary night,
Strains of sweet nothings,
Stream in as if in terrified flight.
Step up the volume and start to drown
In this musical meltdown.

As the eyes, just flutter shut,
The twangs of guitars start to echo.
The feet starts to tap and the head to nod,
To the rapid beat of drums.
The subtle beat of the heart changes unbidden,
When the violin makes one smitten.

As the refrains in the mind echo,
Of loneliness and orange filter skies,
Of the blackest of eyes and shades of yellow.
The colours slowly trickle in with soft cries.
Filling up the darkness in this valley,
Removing all black and white away cruelly.

Oh! to spend eternity, absorbed in this endless,
Sounds of pure thrill and gentleness.
Oh! just to arrive somewhere but not here,
Where the heart thinks, the ears see and the eyes hear.
In this colourful sounds, perchance
To spend all of life, Lost in this drugged trance.

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