Meetings and Partings

Meetings and Partings

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Meetings and Partings

A minute, an hour,
Of each second of every day,
Life keeps changing before our eyes.
With each turn of this earth,
Another day is gone,
Changed forever for all it is worth.

Tis only when it hits us hard,
We realize this harshest truth of all.
Powerless to stop, powerless to change.
Clinging to memories of a time gone by,
Striving to keep it in, but losing it all in vain.

A friend, a confidant,
A brother in all but name.
Of a thousand laughs and pains alike,
Of stupid jokes, and shared insight,
Of being supported, helped from each fall,
Of everything and nothing wrapped up in one.

Meetings and partings, come and go,
When life asks to bid adieu,
To move on and seek paths anew.
Who are we to deny?
For life’s one constant must be upheld,
If change be that, dare we say nay?

A wish, a prayer,
A hope and a dream,
For our paths to cross again,
Criss-crossing on and on.
What else to say, but Au Revoir!
For now, goodbye till we meet again.

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