Crossing the boundaries of time

An alarm clock half submerged in water with the text "Crossing the boundaries of time" writen across the top portion of the image

Image by 51581 from Pixabay

Across the stream of time,
Lost in paths untrodden, thoughts of years past,
Of music lost, of rhythms gained,
Of pattering raindrops, on graves well made,
Of flowers bloomed and fireflies alight,
Twinkling high and shining bright.

Across decades of timeless thoughts,
Wading through high grass, memories of seasons gone,
Of bittersweet songs, of soundtracks wild,
Of winter colds, beyond boundaries of norm,
Of warm jackets and hot drinks,
And the cozy comfort of warm hugs.

Across the borders of mindless musings,
Striding through meadows, dreams of yesteryear and more,
Of pleasant tracks, and lullabies of old,
Of butterflies in the sun, and songs of bird aflight,
Of friendships cherished and stories told,
Mindful chaos journeying evermore.

The thoughts of this has been echoing in my mind since my recent office trip. It was only today that I found the time to sit and piece it all together into something which made sense to me.
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