Sanskrit Poet’s Game Part II

I used to participate in the Sanskrit Poet’s Game in Online Literature website.Anyway here is how this game works.

You write a prompt..a line. The next user/poster should write a poem with the prompted line as the last line.  So just for your knowledge..the last line of each of there was a prompt from different users.

Continued from previous post …

You are not judged

The Earth is a world, full of life
Full of Humans, beasts and birds.
Plants, and trees, flowers and shrubs.
Lakes and rivers, Oceans and seas

Of earth the humans have taken over,
To save, to serve or to rule, to destroy.
Not all are the same normal human
Some are quiet and some are bold,
Some are dreary and some are cold.

The future of the earth is with them.
To save or to destroy is in their hands
It all depends on the minds.
Some may kill or some may save.
The life saving thought is very rare
Some people got it and some people don’t:
You don’t judge me and you I for sure won’t!

© 23rd March 2007

The Reason

Dark and smelly, Deep and musty
The wine cellars are seen.
Full of ancient, old wine
Plucked from grapevines
Crushed and mashed..
Too long to make a good wine.

When it’s drunk, it makes one blank
And shaky the inexperienced…
Too little makes one want
Too much makes one faint.
Tis better not to go there..
Tis better not to drink.

I will be sober, I won’t faint.
I will not hurt you, nor hit you.
I won’t be blurry nor fall down.
All these will happen, If I am not drunk.
That is the reason I never drink—wine…nor let others.

© 29th March 2007

The Rain

Smell of wet earth wafting through
All the musty rooms so cool.
Water sogging all the way through
The Roofs of houses made so crude.

Water coming down the walls
Drizzling, Drizzling over again;
Drops and drops of H2O
Dribbling through the pane again.

Lightning flashing across the skies,
Making thunder all the while.
Distant smoke curling up the sky,
From the trees caught afire.

Windows, doors banging shut,
Loud noises from afar.
Loud and soft, Loud and soft.
Banging noises on and on.

Moaning and groaning as it speeds,
Across the skies and land and seas,
Making certain noises past;
That’s just how the wind blows fast.

© 1st April 2007

This is my longest one till date.. 

On The Boot Hill

On and on she went on,
Towards the distant hill.
Winding up and up the path,
Away from the wizard.

The sun shone down.
With a smile and a sigh,
Looking on and on,
Upon the quiet lass with her little dog.

Walking alone, by the brick road
Along with her trusting dog.
Dorothy was her name
And Toto her dog’s.

She had gotten lost here
In this magic place.
Amidst a tornado, from her sweet home,
In Kansas to this land.

She killed the Wicked Witch of the east.
With her house using the twister.
The Witch of the West wanted revenge
Against Dorothy for killing her sister.

The Witch of the North, Good Glinda
Advised her to wear the slippers she found.
And never to take them off.
Maybe it was for protection, maybe for plain fun.

She was told to go to the Emerald city.
To see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz,
To get his help and go back home,
Back to Kansas.

So she followed the yellow brick road,
To the Emerald city.
On the way she met some friends
Who helped her till the End.

The Scarecrow with no brain,
The Tin-man with no heart,
The Lion who was a coward
Were her good friends.

They had gone to the city
To see the Wizard of Oz.
He was no help, To all of them
So they left downhearted.

As fate went on, she went on.
With the help of her friends,
She killed they Wicked Witch of West.
Sister to the one in the east.

Her friends found out,
That they indeed had all things
They wanted above all.
A brain, A heart and Courage.

Now she wanted to go,
Towards her dearest home.
Tired was she of this land,
Though it offered her a lot more.

So now she walked with her dog,
According to the Good Witch,
Towards the hill which is now near,
To take herself back home.

The hill was reached and they stood there,
At the very top of it.
Looking all around, memorizing all,
To her dear hearts content.

The air around glittered as she appeared
Glinda the Good Witch of the North;
She told Dorothy to tap her heels together,
And say the magic words.

And so she tapped and said the words,
“There is no place like home” on and on.
And back she was in Kansas, amidst her Family
In the blink of an eye.

Though all made fun of her story,
She and Toto knew it was true.
To go back there so soon was
Not up to Fate.

So to make the Ruby slippers safe,
They went to Boot hill.
There she took off the ruby boots
And she put the “boot” in Boot Hill…

© 11th April 2007

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