I remember – NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 29

I remember

I remember, and I also remember

I remember the days which I spent, in the library, lost in delight,
I also remember waiting alone, to be picked up from class in the fading twilight.

I remember being sick, taking leave and watching Blue’s Clues,
I also remember the trying times in my house all my childhood through.

I remember reading Harry Potter late into the night, on all the first days,
I also remember Severus Snape’s death, bringing endless tears, being in a daze.

I remember joining Girl Guides, camping and having fun, everything being swell,
I also remember the terrifying nights when Ghosts and Snakes made my life a hell.

I remember my first time in the hostel, in T13, with new friends abound,
I also remember all the fights and the friendships broken and mended.

I remember making a model of the Hubble’s Space telescope, four of us together,
I also remember, our split up and the distance, but with no recollection of the reason whatsoever.

I remember going for in-plant training and enjoying the few days of respite,
I also remember returning back in a bus, in an unknown city, all alone and restless.

I remember working myself out, and getting the hysteresis loop, for my final project,
I also remember being at the project review, nervous and scared, in retrospect.

I remember that day in September, when job interview results came and being on Cloud nine,
I also remember the night, the first GATE result came, alone in a train with my failure for company.

I remember my convocation, meeting all my friends, getting good grades and graduation,
I also remember my father fracturing his leg, getting a titanium rod on the same day, perhaps t’was retribution?

I remember getting exceptional reviews at my place of work, and my first salary hike,
I also remember failing in all the job exams for my core subject everytime I tried.

I remember all the wondrous times I had, all the great people I met, all the lovely time I spent,
I also remember trying to forget the worst days I had, those awful people I met, all the nightmares I faced.


NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 29

The prompt was

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on things you remember. Try to focus on specific details, and don’t worry about whether the memories are of important events, or are connected to each other. You could start by adopting Brainard’s uniform habit of starting every line with “I remember,” and then you could either cut out all the instances of “I remember,” or leave them all in, or leave just a few in. At any rate, hopefully you’ll wind up with a poem that is heavy on concrete detail, and which uses that detail as its connective tissue. Happy writing!

Memories are precious, whether they are good or bad. Because we can learn a lot from our memories.

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