In search of it

In Search of it

In this barren land I seek,
For that of which I cannot speak.
With it I can sleep without dreams,
With it I can live my life in peace.

Though the sun is high up in the sky,
I still tread on, my vision all a haze.
Alone in this place I blindly move,
Still it evades me, that which I seek.

Stop it! I bid my mind.
Yea, I do know, this land is not real.
Yet the feeling remains all the same.
My wish for all this to cease is futile.

A little love, a little laughter that’s all I ask.
With that I will be the warrior,
And slay this sunny hell where I dwell.
With it I can finally escape to where I belong…
To where I belong…


Image Courtesy: jaymcbridecom

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