Growing Fractals

Growing Fractals

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Growing Fractals

Thoughts upon thoughts,
Cluttering this space.
Erasing out the vacuum filled waste.
Like a fractal, progressively adding up,
Feelings, repeating and expanding,
Endlessly filling up anew.

Darkness dissolving in multi-hued bubbles,
Bursting and tingeing the blackest of corners.
With more colours than any spectrum,
Which the eyes could perceive,
And oh so much more perchance!
Than even the mind could devise.

Reality and dreams are starting to blur,
Everything has changed, yet they remain the same.
Each instant weighs heavily on the mind,
Making indentations that can be removed not.
Every thought brings a new smile,
And together with it so much more.

When I cross this valley, I know not
What will be lost, nor what will be gained.
Even this fear, cannot spread
It’s tiny tendrils out, for one thought remains.
Indeed hope and love prevails,
And that has made all the difference.

I’ve felt more this past year,
Than the whole of my life put together.
A mere hand cannot erase this,
Nor can anything else, in this world of ours.
I’ll still hope on, for this treasure,
And all that my heart can conceive.

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  1. June 9, 2020

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