Fly Free

Fly Free

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Fly Free

Patterns in the sky, calling out to me,
Thoughts of dreams abound, seducing as you please.

Like a thousand miles, of empty space and clouds.
Clouds of dreamy thoughts, and of desires afloat.
Reaching out to me, reminding me of now,
And it all seems so false, in this hazy world.
Thoughts flutter by, maybe I am wrong,
But I should be moving on, to where I ought to be.

An eagle passes by, my thoughts waver off.
Gliding in the sky, living its mighty dream.

A whisper in the ear, “You can also fly,
Up in the sky and glide to hearts delight.
Take the first flap, of your rusted wings.
The more you try, the sooner you’ll be free.
Free from all of this, tiresome place,
Where everything is, nothing in disguise.

Fly my dear, flap your wings.
It’s just another mile, and you’ll be there”.


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