Clerihews – NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 14


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia [ Archimedes & Kepler]

According to Wikipedia,

A clerihew (pronunciation: /ˈklɛrhjuː/) is a whimsical, four-line biographical poem invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley. The first line is the name of the poem’s subject, usually a famous person put in an absurd light, or revealing something unknown and/or spurious about them. The rhyme scheme is AABB, and the rhymes are often forced. The line length and metre are irregular.

Two of my attempts

Johannes Kepler,
Must not have been quite popular,
Why else would he work on the laws of planetary motion,
Without taking his daily potion.

Must have been good friends with Hades,
To have approximated Pi,
Without blinking an eye.

I was sure Raghavendra (colleague) could write a good Clerihew and asked him to try with one. It’s an almost Clerihew. I loved the flow and decided to post this on his behalf.

Kepler, did not have a doppler.
If he had one, his head breaking explanations could have been simpler.
Every time, I stumble upon Tumblr.
Only to find Kepler, a great professor.


NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 14

Today’s prompt,

Because it’s Friday, let’s keep it light and silly today, with a clerihew. This is a four line poem biographical poem that satirizes a famous person.

Really had fun with this prompt.

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