Light’s Shadow or Shadow’s light

© Vinlite’s hand letting – well me really

A diminishing shadow,

moving on with fading twilight

Wishing for longevity and endlessness,

Looking forward to another light,

Bright, nay even perchance one faded might.

Slithering and slinking, twisting and fighting.

Grasping at time — milli seconds even,

For a glint or a mayhaps a flame.


Light, shining forth,

chasing away the shadow,

Gone perhaps or maybe not.

Searching again

A never-ending loop,

Perchance an infinite one

Awaiting dusk and gritty remains,

Or amidst it all even sweet disdain.

A lone shadow of light.

It has been a trying month for me. But I couldn’t pass it by not even attempting to write something. This is just what cropped up from my head after lettering the “You are the shadow to my light” piece yesterday.

Here’s hoping to a new month – Onwards, with Hope.


Note: This page is not a clue.


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