My Top 3 Motivational Kung Fu Panda 3 Quotes

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie

Kung Fu Panda 3… just another animated movie?… or maybe not.

The story is quite predictable though.

Enter villian [Kai] — Create panic and havoc — Enter hero [Po] — meet his lost father and friends [Panda Town!] — Have loads of fun — Realise the threat of the villain — Run around trying to figure out what to do — Finally, realise the answer was within all along — Save the day

Well, that’s the short form of it. You know how it ends even before you watch it. It is just another commercial thriller. 

On the surface, the movie is all fun and frolic and yet, it is more, so much more.

In addition to the cuddly Panda that Po is, we are given a lot to think about just like the other two movies in this series. There are a lot of subtle and not so subtle dialogues waiting for you to act upon. And if you think for awhile on it, [No need to spend 30 years in a cave like Oogway did]  you just might end up changing your life.

Here are the top 3 quotes from King Fu Panda 3 which made me think [just reached the thought stage so far, yet to act upon it]

‘If You only do what you can, You will never be more than you are now.’ – Shifu

Doing what we know and what we can are simple. We just want to go about life doing what we know. But won’t life become monotonous then? If we do the same thing every day, all day, our whole life, well chances are that we won’t be doing anything else.

We should try to do more than we think can. Our perceptions of what is possible and what is not is debatable. A hundred years ago, human space travel was just a dream. See where we are now. What was impossible was made possible. And that only happened because people kept trying. They didn’t restrict themselves to what they were able to do. They broke the barrier of the impossible.

Step out of your comfort zone. Stretch your limits!

Limits are just an illusion of a boundary, which either we create or society creates for us. And as long as we stay within this boundary, we are limiting ourselves. We are limiting our potential.

You will never reach your full potential until you stop settling for what you can already do.

“Your real strength comes from being the best you, you can be. So who are you?” – Po

Kung Fu Panda 3

Comparing ourselves to everyone else is something most of us tend to do at some point or the other. I have a tendency to do it almost all the time. I know it is not going to help. Yet I end up comparing myself for various reasons.

But this comparison, it is a poison in itself. It will only end up getting one depressed and losing one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It will start pulling us down and down till we reach the lowest point. And by then life would appear rather bleak. The feeling of worthlessness would have settled in so much that, it would be quite a feat to get back the self-confidence which we once had.

It is not going to help, so stop comparing [and complaining]!

What Po says is true, you have a strength within you. And that belongs only to you. Your inner talent! And when you search within yourself and be the best at what you do, you become YOU!

You shouldn’t imitate that guy or girl next door. You should strive to be you, a unique person. Be the you, you can be when you don’t measure yourself to others.

Be Yourself, Be the You, you have always been. [Er.. too much You?.. guess I’ll stop]

‘Time is just an illusion, there is only the now.’ – Shifu

Just as limits are an illusion, well time is one too. Yesterday is gone and dusted. Tomorrow is yet to come, and we hardly know what is going to happen then. That leaves us with just, today.

Carpe Diem

If we want to do something, there is no use in putting it off. All the time we’ll keep saying I’ll do it later, I’ll do it someday. But unless you do something about it now, it will always be some day and most likely never. We don’t know how long we will have in this life we live.

So stop wasting time regreting what has gone by, and worrying about what is to come. Start utilizing the ‘today’ which you have.

Carpe Deim! Seize the day! There is only the here and the now.

Make that today. And if not today well at least tomorrow. But don’t keep putting it off, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

QmarkAnd those were the quotes which made me think.
How about you?
Which quote made you think? Do you have some other favourite quote?
What message did Kung Fu Panda 3 give you? Do share…


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  1. nicely written…

    my favorites..
    “I am not trying to turn you into me, I am turning you into you”-shifu
    “The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now”-po

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