Crochet Pendrive Cover

Pendrive Cover (5)

I have an addiction to making a cover for anything and everything. And when my father bought me a HP Pendrive I just had to make a cover for it.

A cover will protect the pendrive’s open end from accumulating dust. And it will look cute enough that people will be falling over themselves admiring it.

Pattern References:-

Pattern available @:  Oh Craft it all

Hook : 0.5 mm

Yarn: Anchor Mercerised Pearl Cotton  [Violet & Golden Yellow/Chrome Yellow]

Yarn purchased @: Jaya Emporium, Pondicherry [ You can get something similar at Pony Craft store online]

The pattern is actually for a mobile phone cover. But it will work for a pendrive as well. You just need to use yarn of less thickness, preferably with an almost thread like thickness. Otherwise it will look very bulky.

Also, you will need to decrease the number of stitches per row and the number of rows as required. As you start crocheting just keep the Pendrive handy and match the size as you go along.

Pendrive Cover WIP


A single thread alone will make the cover feel very thin. So use two threads together as one yarn as you crochet along. If you do not have more than one ball of yarn, then cut off a few meters of thread and wrap it up on a piece of folded cardboard or paper.

I had two of the golden yellow ones but only one ball of the purple/violet one. So I made up another set of yarn on the folded paper.

Pendrive Cover (4)

If you are not used to crocheting using thread it might be difficult initially. I myself had to throw away my work after a few rows since I messed it up badly. But on the bright side, the mistakes you make will not be very obvious [unless you sit and stare it for a while] as the stitches are small.

That was another reason why I used two threads together. It made it feel thicker which in turn made it easier to crochet.

Pendrive Cover (3)

If it were a mobile phone cover or hard disk cover using a velcro and a flap to close it would be preferable. But in the case of a Pendrive because of the size issue, stitching in small pieces of velcro would be really difficult. So I felt that it is preferable to use a drawstring instead.

For the drawstring, I simply made some chain stitches with a single golden and a single purple yarn together. It made up a pattern by itself.

Pendrive Cover (2)

Side view

Pendrive Cover (1)

Front view









And that’s all there is to it. It is quite simple to make. I was able to complete it within 2 hours. You can finish it in even less time. The only reason it took me some time was since I was not used to working with threads.

Do post links if you decide to try this out.

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