Crochet Insulin Pen Case


Crochet Insulin Pen Case

My father complained that his insulin pen was developing cracks. He travels a lot and since the case they provided with the insulin pen consumed a lot of space in his suitcase, I decided to try this.


Basic Pattern Reference @: Moogly

Hook: 2.25

Yarn: Acrylic – Pale Yellow and Blueish-Green

Stitches used: Single Crochet [SC]

I had never written down the exact pattern for this. But it is quite simple to make and won’t take more than an hour. You can alter this pattern, to make it into cover for any other object also.

Tentative Patttern:-

Base and Lateral Surface

  • Crochet a circle using  SC
  • Match it with the base of the Insulin pen
  • Stop increasing the stitches in your circle and crochet in the round with same number of stitches
  • Continue till you reach the required height

Insulin Case IV


  • For the flap, just SC till the length required, turn the piece and continue till end of the row
  • SC as many rows are you prefer to make the rectangular piece attached to the cylinder
  • Once you have enough flap length stop
  • Stitch in Velcro to finish it off

To give it a better finish, you can add one more row of SC’s around the edge of the flap.


When you crochet the edge, you can do the SC’s over the trailing thread. This way you won’t need to sew it in later. It will give a slight thickness to the edge of the flap, providing a 3D look and you get to save the time too.
Insulin Case III

You can even give it a drawstring finish. In that case you can avoid the rectangular flap bit. You can alternate between two colors like I did. Or you can use variegated yarn also.

It came out successfully in the end. Like I said, I am obsessed with making a cover for anything I can get my hands on. My mobile phone cover, hard disk cover and pen drive cover are few examples of my obsession.

Insulin case I

And that is it. Do post links if you had tried or are trying something similar.


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