Just Never Stop

Just Never Stop

When all of life’s vision is in tatters,
When everything ends in nothing but failures,
When nothing seems to go right and all is for naught,
When it seems like people exist just to irritate,
When thoughts just swirl around and around,
When all this induces nausea and sickness,
When nothing exists but madness and chaos…

Look inside and you will see, within that chaos is the eye.
An eye of a hurricane, a place where peace exists.
An elusive place, but yet it is still there.
Playing hide and seek, waiting for you.
Look again, you might not see it the first time.
Look and look, keep looking.
You might not spot it today, nor tomorrow
And maybe never in this lifetime,
Perhaps not even in the next.

But if you stop this search,
Then all will indeed be for naught, for you have given up.
You will be swept away in the storm of hopelessness,
Of chaos, madness and lifelessness.
A half-life, a cursed life lies in store.
Swirling again and again,
Never stopping, Never slowing down.
An infinite loop of hopelessness and loss,
On and on forever and more.

Don’t stop and Don’t lose heart.
Keep searching even if you find it or not,
Keep trying, whether you reach there or not.
Keep going, whether you know where to or not.
Be confident, whether you believe in yourself or not.
Just never stop…never…

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